No Candy for Me

I feel like a child who's parent brings them into a candy shop. I am so excited, looking at all the candy and I start to salivate. I seriously cannot wait to place something sugary and delicious in my mouth. My parent keeps pointing out how delicious this candy looks and tells me that anyone who eats this candy must be so lucky! Me and the parent go from candy to candy and talk about how wonderful this candy is going to be and my excitement grows and grows. Then, abruptly, the parent's enthusiasm is completely gone with a smirk and I am told that I am not good enough to have candy. I offer to buy my own candy, but the cashier also tells me that I am not good enough to have candy. But nobody will tell me why. Out of all the confusion, I can only come up with one conclusion:

I can no longer trust the parent or the cashier. The taunting has become too much. Its time to withdrawal.