Yoga Pants

Sue Sylvester put it absolutely perfectly:

Ok girls. Yoga pants are super hot right now. They're comfy and way cuter than sweatpants and the menfolk love them. You could climb straight out of bed in them or coming straight from the gym and nobody would know the difference.  
But here's the deal. 
You CANNOT pull off the yoga pants look with a panty line. You just can't. Its not attractive. It actually gives the impression to people that you're sloppy and you don't care about your appearance. You'll look like a freaking child. And let's be honest, there ain't nothing hot about a child. 
I know what you're thinking. "How can I avoid a panty line?" 
There are several different ways:
1. Wear a thong. Yeah, sometimes they're a hassle and uncomfortable, but if you buy the right size and the right material, you won't feel it at all. 
2. Go commando. Or just buy the type of yoga pants that are designed for you to go commando. This is my number one suggestion. These babies are fabulous. 
3. Wear spanx. Just make sure they don't roll up.

So please, save yourself the embarrassment. Avoid that panty line.