I Am Worth Loving


I forget all the time that everyone deserves love, especially me. I feel like when it comes to love, I have really bad luck. I'm not just talking about dating, either. I have struggled my entire life with friendships. In elementary school, I didn't have really have any friends. I was the weird girl that just played on the swings alone all recess long. I had one friend from church, who remains a dear friend today. But as far as elementary school, I didn't have hardly any friends. When I got to middle school, I had the same experience as everyone else. My group of friends changed as often as the weather. I'd get close to a "best friend" and then before I knew it, that friendship was over. I don't remember why. I don't think it matters. High school was when I decided to be the best friend I possibly could be because I knew what it was like to be alone and to have crappy friends. 
Unfortunately, I am painfully aware of how unique I am in this regard. Not many people put friendship as high on their priorities as I do or care about their friends the same way in which I do. I'm not sure why. The downside of caring so much is how easily it is to get hurt. And hurt I have definitely been, especially over the past year. I really have come to know who my friends truly are and come to treasure even more the relationships I have with them.
So to those friends I am referring to: Thank you. For being reliable, trustworthy, and respectful. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me. You make me feel like I am worth loving.