Free Yourself

Yoga Pants

Sue Sylvester put it absolutely perfectly:

Ok girls. Yoga pants are super hot right now. They're comfy and way cuter than sweatpants and the menfolk love them. You could climb straight out of bed in them or coming straight from the gym and nobody would know the difference.  
But here's the deal. 
You CANNOT pull off the yoga pants look with a panty line. You just can't. Its not attractive. It actually gives the impression to people that you're sloppy and you don't care about your appearance. You'll look like a freaking child. And let's be honest, there ain't nothing hot about a child. 
I know what you're thinking. "How can I avoid a panty line?" 
There are several different ways:
1. Wear a thong. Yeah, sometimes they're a hassle and uncomfortable, but if you buy the right size and the right material, you won't feel it at all. 
2. Go commando. Or just buy the type of yoga pants that are designed for you to go commando. This is my number one suggestion. These babies are fabulous. 
3. Wear spanx. Just make sure they don't roll up.

So please, save yourself the embarrassment. Avoid that panty line. 

Spring Break 2013

Things I learned on my trip to Zion National Park:

  • When you get shot through the heart, you're too late. 
  • iPod Idol is the best game ever invented.
  • Doing yoga next to a river first thing in the morning is one of the most relaxing things there is. 
  • Birthday cakes can be made out of wood.
  • If you want to make friends, just give them fruit loops.
  • I can do hard things, like climb Angel's Landing or hike/scramble Hidden Canyon.
  • There once was a black snowman named Jeff who sunk all the way to China.
  • When you bring a tent to camp in, don't forget the stakes.
  • Switchbacks are of the devil. And I hate them passionately.
  • There is such thing as alligator jerky.
  • Jared really likes ostriches.
  • Old people can have amazingly tone calves.
  • When you wear the same pair of socks for 5 days straight, your feet smell really bad. 
  • Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" is the BEST song to sing/scream in the car.
  • Not everyone hikes at the same pace. 
  • Goats are so in right now. 
  • When you wear your sunglasses at night, you are ready to roll. 
  • You can pay your tithing while giving your talk in church.
  • It can get really, REALLY cold at night by a river. 
  • Playgrounds are the funnest in the dark. 
  • My bonnie lies over the ocean.
  • People sometimes don't like it when you drink mountain dew.
  • Chicken Little poops donkeys. 
  • When you sleep on a slope, you end up in really funky positions when you wake up. 
  • Lots of people need chapstick. Few people have their own.
  • Jeff makes really funny faces.
  • Asian people are the best kind of people. 
  • When you sing and make noises in a bathroom, everyone can hear you.
  • Ali Hancey really really really likes to talk. Especially in long car rides. 
  • Warm showers are seriously the most amazing thing ever after a really cold night.
  • Some people have "harpooning a whale" added to their bucket list.
  • When you wear perfume while camping, people think that you're simply attempting to cover up just how bad you actually smell. 
  • Seth is randomly hilarious.
  • Making laughing-style assignments is hilarious.
  • Sometimes roller coasters are disguised as tunnels in the mountains.
  • "Probs" and "tots" are now words.
  • Ali Hancey does the worm REALLY good. 
  • Sometimes its funny when people swear.

Here's the Beef

Ok, so I know that my last post was like "Whoot! I'm awesome! I'm gonna ride a bike and stuff!" But here's the reality. I literally do not have time to train for that bike ride. Between work and school, I have very little free time to do anything. So, although I really wanted to get into shape for the Hunstman 140, its just not going to happen.

This is real life.

Also. I retreat my post about Taylor Swift as well. I pretty much hate Taylor Swift (but love her tunes.) The more my Taylor-fan friends talk about her and obsess unhealthily over her, the more hatred gathers up inside of me for her. She looks like a mole and is an awful live performer. End. Of. Story.

Also. Sean Lowe made a HUGE mistake. Lindsay was such a better choice. Catherine's a freak, man! This one ain't gonna last!

Also. This week, I hiked freaking Angel's Landing and Hidden Canyon at Zion National Park. Two of the hardest things I've ever done! I will blog more about that later.

Also. I'm single and I do not want to be so anymore. I am officially over the most recent douche bag ex and am finally ready to date again. Fellas, beware. I'm on the hunt.