Bucket List

• Take a road trip across the country
• Discover the other side of a waterfall
• Marry my best friend in the temple
Learn how to yodel
• Have a Koi pond
• See the Northern Lights
• Participate in a flash mob (or witness one)
• Change someone’s life
• Go to Time Square for the New Years Eve Party
Attend a live session of General Conference at the Conference Center
• Go to the top of the Empire State Building
• Lay on the hood of a car and watch the airplanes take off
• Go skinny dipping somewhere other than the bathtub
• Milk a cow
• Go to every temple in Utah
• Take a tour of the Smithsonian and the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
• Go horseback riding during sunset
Sleep one night completely underneath the stars
• Travel to any ancient city in Europe