My Social Life Increase

While being in Texas, I didn't really have a social life, like at all. I never made any friends to hang out with or party with or anything like that. But I'm not complaining, because that makes my friends just that much more important to me. This last week, I've spent so much time with a ton of my friends! On Saturday, I went and had dinner with Jacob and then saw "Despicable Me" with him and Sarah. On Monday, I spent a good chunk of my day shopping with Whitney B and was later joined by new friend Joe. Tuesday was spent replacing the brake pads on my car. Haha. It was fun, alright? Wednesday was spent at the theater with Amanda watching "Vampires Suck". On Thursday, Sarah and I spent the majority of the day together being stuck in the broken down car, tow truck, car dealership, and eventually up in Ogden with Terra. Then playing night games in Herriman with Whitney B, Joe, and Zach. Today was great too seeing "Eat Pray Love" with my mom, having a grand old time at the park and the Taco Bell parking lot with Vanessa, Meisha, Parker, John, Jeremy, Amanda, Chris, and Rachel. And tomorrow should be amazing once again with my plans to have lunch with Missy and then get together with Whitney M. Ah, to be back in a world where people know me. Life is good. Almost ready to move up to Logan next week, but not quite yet....

Life After Texas

Well, I've been home for a week now and not much has really happened. On Monday and Tuesday, my family went camping at Cherry Hill is Kaysville. We had such a fun time mini golfing, rock climbing, and playing in the waterpark. It was a great few days! I am in the process of getting everything taken care of before school and that includes getting everything worked out with my car. While cleaning it out, I found tons of treasures, including a life time supply of gum, a bedspread, 5 tennis balls, a pogo stick, etc. Its been fun. On Friday, we (my mom, Jessie, and myself) all helped Kelly move in up in Logan. I had a job interview and had a safety inspection on my car. I'm really getting excited about moving in. On the way home from Logan, Jessie and I stopped in Plain City for Chelsey's bridal shower, which was a great party! Then yesterday, I went down to American Fork to hang out with Jacob, which eventually involved Sarah too! And we saw "Despicable Me". Ah, such a cute movie.
Anyways, that's like everything I've done since getting back. What a life, right?

Back Home in Utah

After 3 months, I am back home in Utah! It was an adventure getting home though, lemme tell ya. I couldn't get a straightway flight from Houston to Salt Lake. So I had to get creative in my road home. I ended up going from Houston to New York City. The flight was perfect, other than the fact that I sat next to a foreign lesbian couple. But there was no problem with the flight or anything. I got to the airport and was surprised. It was more like a mall, complete with a spacious food court. It was awesome! I didn't have enough time to go out to Manhattan, which was really sad to me, but I was able to see it from the airplane. I stayed at the airport for about 3 hours and miraculously got onto a flight to Las Vegas via standby. This flight was awful. I sat next to two overweight people and was not able to even really have my chair to myself. The person who sat next to me needed some extra room on my chair and ended up falling asleep on me. Ugh! It was not a fun ride. It was a very long 6 hours. After landing in Vegas, I got some dinner and just hung around the airport. It was an interesting experience. Very bright, loud airport/casino. It took me by surprise. I was at the Vegas airport for only about 3 hours as well and then boarded my final flight to Salt Lake City. This flight was only an hour and 15 mins long, thank goodness, and I was able to sleep through most of it. I was overjoyed to see that my dad was able to meet me at the gate instead of me having to walk to long was out of the terminal to see him.
As amazing as this summer was, I cannot express the happiness I am feeling being home with my family. I missed them dearly and it just feels so right to be around them and with them. Its just an amazing feeling. Ah, I love them.