That One Time My Date Kicked Me In the Face....

Last Saturday, I decided to switch things up a bit and take Brady out for a change. Of all 7 years of being friends, (except for the failure of a date known as the Sweethearts Dance in high school) I can't recall a time when I actually treated him to a night out and showed him my appreciation for his friendship.
So I went to his house to pick him up. (Because I was the one that asked, I got to be the one to pick him up, open his door, etc. cuz that's how I roll.) When I got there, he was in the middle of taking a quiz for school, so I joined his mom in the living room where she introduced me to the tv show, "Once Upon a Time". Unfortunately, Brady finished his quiz before I was able to complete a full episode. 
After showing me the new toys he bought earlier that day, we hit the road. At a certain intersection, we hit a red light. I looked over at the car next to us and noticed these cute little girls in the backseat. One was probably about 3 or 4 and the other was around 6 or 7. Both the girls were looking back at me. I made eye contact with the older girl (who was nearest to me) and then made a funny face at her. She then proceeded to stick her tongue out at me a giggle. I told Brady to start to make funny faces at them. So for the next few seconds we exchanged crossed-eyed, scrunchy, crazy faces. Brady pointed out that their mom noticed what we were doing and she was waving. Oh, and she was talking on the phone. We waved at her and then went back to making funny faces. Then, the older girl showed us her bare foot. Then Brady got the brilliant idea to show her his foot too! So, he lifted his foot and moved it towards my window so that she could get a good view. In the process, his foot collided with my face. And it was awesome. And it hurt so bad. But it was SO funny. We were both laughing SO hard! I looked over and noticed that the girls were laughing too, so they must have seen it AND the mom was laughing, so she must have seen it too! I can only imagine how funny it must have been to describe what just happened to whoever she was talking to on the phone. And then it kind of became a "thing" for the rest of the night with funny little comments like "remember when you kicked me in the face?" 
And that's my story about that one time my date kicked me in the face. 

Where Have I Been?!

Oh hey there, reader! I can't believe that its been so long since posted anything! Mybad...

Let me fill you in on what's been going on in my life these past few months:

In August, I was able to go to California to visit my sister Kelly for her baby shower with my mom, other sister Kristi and her kids. It was awesome. Because my nephew was only like 5 weeks old, we thought it'd be best to drive. He actually was surprisingly good on the drives! I was very impressed with him. Brenna (my two year old niece), on the other hand, was a little more uncomfortable and hungry. She sat in the back with me and would every so often ask me for a Pringles chip. "Chip, Aowie, chip!" She was super funny at times as well. She'd pick her nose and then tell me to take her booger. Lol. Aside from the drives, we had a good time in Cali. We went to the beach, which Brenna LOVED!!! It was so fun to be there with Brenna for her first ocean experience. It was a really fun couple of days. She had her baby about 3 weeks after we were there. That makes me an aunt now to 3 nephews and 1 niece.

Brady came to Logan to visit two times and then I went down to South Jordan to visit him! He's the coolest ever! We always have the funnest time! Lets see, we went to the Minnetoka caves in Idaho, we went to Lagoon, did a 5K Mud Run, went fishing, saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", went to Nightmare on 13th Street, he kicked me in the face (that deserves a blogpost all on its own, so be ready for that one...), and laughed, like, alot.

I started (hopefully) my final year of college. I have applied for graduation and have been approved, so long that I pass all of my classes. Its SO crazy to think that in a year from now, I will hopefully be into my career! I have finally narrowed my career choice down to becoming a probation officer, but the question is whether to work with adults or with juveniles. Bahhh! Idk! I guess I still have time to decide, right? But yeah, so I will graduate with my bachelors in May in sociology and criminal justice and gee-whiz, am I excited!!!!

I also this year have been given the opportunity to be a member of Latter-Day Voices (LDV). What the public knows about it is that its the auditioned choir through the USU institute. What the public doesn't know is that it is SO much more than just a choir. I've only been a member of it for about 4 weeks and its already changed my life. Its a group that is taught how to teach and increase the Spirit of the Lord through music. Its probably wrong, but I relate this choir to the Highland Rugby team. Their moto was something to the effect of "I don't do anything to embarrass myself, my family, or my team." For me, LDV is the same. There's this unspoken expectation for every member of the choir that they live as examples and try to be a Christ-like people. I'm not too terribly great at expressing my emotion and feelings through words, but I love this group. I love being a part of it and I am SO grateful to get to know all the amazing people involved. I love my teacher and everything he stands for. My heart is definitely in a different condition than it was before I was a member of this choir. And my favorite part about it is that ITS NOT ABOUT THE SINGING.

So anyways, sorry about my absence for the past few months. I'll try harder to be on top of things. I'm just busy loving my life and stuff. 

Hope all is well with you and your's!