Relay for Life

Dear Friends:

I know that there are plenty of people out there that hate getting asked to donate money and whatnot, but I honestly would not ask (especially on my blog) if it didn't mean so much to me and if it wasn't a cause that I firmly believe in. Last year, I was able to participate in Relay for Life and I honestly can say that it had SUCH a big impact on me, especially because I lost my mother to ovarian cancer and my youngest sister has leukemia. Therefore, I want t go all out this year and do everything I possibly can to raise money for this cause. Please join me in honoring my mother and sister and everyone else who suffers from cancer. Please find it in your heart to donate if even a few dollars, as every dollar counts!

Each year, on hundreds of college campuses across the country and in thousands or communities around the world, one event unites millions of total strangers in the global fight against cancer. That event is the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This year, I will be participating in it as team captain for the "Climbers for a Cure" team. Relay for Life is an American Cancer Society fundraising event that raises more than $385 million dollars annually to support the American Cancer Society's mission to save lives from cancer.

The Utah State University Really will take place on April 13, 2012, and I have made it my goal to raise $500 before then. I blog today to ask you to please help me reach that goal. I am more than half way there, with currently $330 raised already. Please help me put an end to this disease that has caused us all so much pain!

As a broke college student, I know what it means to say that "every dollar counts". And it's so true - any donation, large or small, will save lives. Every dollar will take us closer to a future where cancer is a thing of the past. Please follow the link at the bottom of this post to visit my personal Relay webpage, as you can donate via this site.

Thank you so much in advance for your support and I look forward to blogging about my progress!!! 

Dear People: Round Two

*Should you have been so unfortunately as to miss round one, click here.

Dear Wilson:
Again?! Really?! Dang Wil, you give me whiplash with your indecisiveness. Pick one already: show your face or hide it!
Warningly, Tim Taylor

You're actually kinda boring. NEXT!
Done, Miss Piggy

Dear Rug:
Its been fun. Time for me to go my own way though. After some time, I am sure we will be able to be besties again! :)
Sincerely, Passageway

Dear Toothless:
Tell you what. I'll feed you fish if you DON'T sing! That was a one-time-thing.
Annoyed, Hiccup

Dear Aladdin:
I secretly love it when you go shirtless, even though I pretend to be grossed out. You're pretty smoking when you play ball. And you give like the best hugs ever! If only you were older and not about to take a really long carpet ride....
Adoringly, Jasmine

Dear Alfalfa:
What happened to you? Ever since that rock, you're hygiene skills appear to have vanished. You look like you smell horrible. I'm steering clear so I don't have to take a whiff. But I am glad you make Darla so happy! :)
Cautiously, Darla's friend

Dear Lobster:
I am so 'cited we're friends! You've come to mean more to me than I let on. Can't wait for summer!
Love, Goose

Dear Girl With a Boy Name:
Get out of my apartment! I'm serious. You honestly just bring the worst parts of me out. Not just me, but my roommate too. So, its probably best that you don't come back.
I mean it!, Allie


Apparently, I must be the odd ball at the bus stop in the mornings.

Everyone is always like super social and all like: "Oh my gosh! I love you! I am annoyingly too chipper this morning! I want to talk to you about nothing of any importance!"

Me, on the other hand, am more like this: "Shut up. Stop talking to me. I want to be in bed. I have headphones in because I don't want to be social right now. Arg!"

No matter how early I go to bed, 4 out of 5 times, I am just not a morning person. I love my bed. More than anyone should love a bed. I seriously dread getting out of bed in the mornings. If I could stay in bed forever, I probably would. Therefore, in the mornings, I put my headphones in to avoid talking to everyone. It's nothing personal. I just am not social in the mornings! Simple as that. If I have my headphones in, please don't try to start a conversation with me. There is a reason my ears are plugged. If I wanted to talk to you, I would take them out. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I know this makes me sound like a total bisnatch but guess what? I'd rather rant about it on my blog where pretty much nobody will see it rather than explode in your face one day cuz you won't leave me alone.


Its happening again. That dark, empty feeling is creeping back inside of my heart. The last two months have been fantastic. I've felt great, productive, happy. But I think I knew all along that it was going to be short lived. I was distracting myself on a lost cause without actually dealing with any of the issues that I've needed to face. I've merely put them all off....and now, they are all ganging up on me, crushing me. Its time to grow up. Deal with the problems. Discard the distraction once and for all.

I can't deal with this. Its too much.