Wow. The weirdest thing is happening. My sister, Kristi, got engaged today! Its totally crazy! I mean, yeah, of course I like the dude and he's perfect for her. I completely approve of their togetherness. Its just...weird. And that is the best way I can think of how to describe it. She is my first sibling to get married and its just weird to think of her getting married. Where have all the years gone? Why did we spend so much of that time torturing each other? Ugh! Its just weird. Things are gonna be so different... but its all good. I'm ready, so bring it on!!!

I Guess I'm Not Old Yet :)

When I get all my homework done, I have actually quite a bit of spare time on my hands, thank goodness. Well, the other night, I was talking to one of my friends. She is cheering at CEU this year and is struggling just a tad, so we were talking about about cheerleading. Its been forever since I've cheered or even danced so I didn't know if my body could handle various jumps, kicks, etc. Lol, I was very surprised to see that I actually have some "cheerfulness" left in me :) Go Eagles!


This year for Halloween, we went trick or treating for the food bank and had lots of fun doing it! Garrett and Stevie went as Danny and Sandy, Whitney went as a model, Jacob was at first an Arab and then decided to be Jewish. Shrug. And I was an 80s rock star! It was tons of fun! After trick or treating, Jake and I picked up Chris and we went to the haunted forest in Huntington.

Here's Stevie, Whitney, and Me :)

Fall Break Trip :)

For fall break this year, my two older sisters (Kristi and Kelly) and me and my mom all got to take a trip to California! It was quite the adventure. The plan was to fly out to Long Beach at 7:30am Thursday morning, spend the day at Seal Beach and then spend the evening at Knott's Berry Farm for the Halloween thing. Then, we were gonna fly back Friday morning. Well...things don't always work out the way you've planned.
We missed out 7:30am flight and were rolled over to fly stand-by to San Diego at 10am. There were exactly enough seats for us to ride stand-by, but two people in front of us bought two tickets, kicking us off the flight. We decided to give it one more try and made it onto the 4:53pm flight to Long Beach. By then, we'd switched our plans to just going to Knott's and flying home in the morning. Well, we landed and my two sisters didn't feel up to going to Knott's. So we decided to switch our plans yet again and use the money we would have used at Knott's to get a nice dinner. Lol, we ended up eating at Chevy's. Yum yum, it was delicious! After dinner, we all wanted to just relax so we went hot tubbing and then went to bed.
The next day, we missed our flight cuz we slept in. So we went to look for the flea market. But (and this is sad to say) we were a little intimidated by the lack of Caucasians so we decided to go elsewhere for our California shopping spree. On the way, we stopped at a park somewhere in Anaheim. There was a life size flighter jet thing made our of cement that we wanted to get our picture with. When climbing off, I wasn't paying attention to the dew on on the plane and slid right off it and landed on my back. Everyone was laughing SO hard, including myself, even though I was in a ton of pain and could not breathe.
We finally found a HUGE shopping center called Fashion Island in the New Port Beach area. So we spent some time there. Afterwards, we went and found the New Port Beach Temple. Oh boy! It was so beautiful! We actually went to the Crystal Cathedral first and both places were very interesting and extremely different. I dunno how to describe it other than it was a really neat experience.
After that, we went to Corona del Mar beach. SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish we could have spent more time there. It was perfect! The water felt amazing, the temperature of the air was great, everything was just perfect. That is now my favorite place on the globe!
Before heading to the airport, we drove along Pacific Coast Highway for a perfect ocean view for miles and ate dinner at In n Out Burger. :) We flew back to SLC and then waited a few hours for my dad, a TSA officer (aka a security worker at the airport) to get off work so we could ride home with him.
All in all, it was an amazing trip, even though it was shorter than I would have liked. :)
Me and Kristi after landing in Long Beach, CA. We were really excited to finally be there!

Here we are eating a Chevy's. Delicious!!!

Here's the plane I fell off of...

Me, Kelly, and Kristi at Corona del Mar Beach :)

Corona del Mar Beach. Beautiful!!!

New Port Beach Temple

New Hobby

So, I have been really bored at school lately and decided that I wanted to get into some new activities and such. So, I've always loved taking pictures, specifically of people, and so I decided to have my own little photo shoot. Stevie graciously agreed to be my model. Heehee! Some of the pictures turned out really good, while others were kinda not so great. What do you think?

Mary Kay: Awesome or Awful???

I received a call a little over a month ago informing me that I won a drawing through David's Bridal. I was so excited! SO many things ran through my mind about what I won: a gift certificate, a massage, something amazing!!! When the caller finally got to the part about telling me what I had one, she told me I won a facial and a day of pampering! Not only that, but I could bring up to 4 friends and I won a $25-$50 certificate. When I asked what the money could be used for, she said "Mary Kay." I thought "Ok, whatever. No big." So, we scheduled our appointment and whatnot.
So, I drove back up to Salt Lake with two of my friends to this appointment. We got there and had no idea where to go. So, I called the consultant, but she didn't answer her phone. Finally, we figured out where to go. We then had about 4 different ladies asking us what we were doing there and who we were waiting for. We told them the consultant's name and they had no idea where she was. After 25 minutes of waiting for this lady that clearly wasn't going to show up, another woman came in and said "I have an appointment with another lady, but you are welcome to join us." We didn't want to show and get nothing out of it, so we decided to stay. OH MY GOSH. We spent the next 2 1/2 hours listening to this poor woman talking about a million different products and trying to convince us we were unhealthy and ugly without them. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I didn't know that the "facial" I had won was talking and sampling various cleansers and lotions for your face. And what happened to my DAY of pampering? And my $25?!
Therefore, I came to this conclusion: Mary Kay is evil and David's Bridal is dumb for supporting them. I don't really care how great they say their products are or if they are even any good because it was just a completely awkward mess and I didn't receive what I was told I won. I know I'm being a brat, but hey! I have no problem sticking with what I already use! They, at least, haven't let me down yet!!!
Here's Kami, me, and Cami trying to keep a happy face on during this boring lecture.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hola blogger buds. So, today is my birthday. I realized, "Wow, I'm old! What have I been doing with my life?" Then it occurred to me that there has been LOTS that's happened in the last 19 years. So no worries.
Anyways, here's a good story. So, on Friday morning, I was convinced I was going to be alone this weekend because my roommate went home, one of my good friends went to his girlfriend's house this weekend, and my other besties were just busy this weekend. So, I was kinda freaking out because who wants to spend the weekend of their birthday alone?! Nobody! Well, my besties Stevie knew I was a little down and so she took me out shopping (cuz that always cheers me up.) Anyways, so after shopping, Whitney and Stevie both took me to Winger's for dinner and then we went to their apartment to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic". In the middle of the movie, Stevie made the comment that she wanted me to give her a massage. I was totally down with that. But then she asked if we could go back to my building to pick up some lotions and oils. So, we headed back to my dorm. When I opened my door, I gasped! My room was completely decorated in birthday decorations! Balloons all over the floor, streamers hanging from the ceiling, confetti all over my bed, etc. At first, I figured that the RAs must have done it because nobody else would have a key to my locked room. It was just then when I noticed a bouquet of carnations, my favorite flower, on my pillow. I merely glanced at the card and realized, "This is Jacob's hand writing!" Then, I turned around and BAM! There he was!!! He went literally 100 miles out of his way to make my birthday special! I was touched!
We spent the rest of that evening together. We watched "Shall We Dance" and when the movie was over, we actually slow danced together ourselves. It was, needless to say, a tender moment. :) Saturday was amazing as well. Jacob and I hung out most of the day and then he took me up to Wood Hill for a drive and just to talk and have fun. When we got back to my building, there was a surprise party waiting for me! Ah, it was so awesome!!!
Its been such a great weekend because of Jacob. I feel so blessed to have a great friend like him! Nobody has ever done so much for me for my birthday. Yay!!
My room all decorated and festive

My yummy birthday cake! (Thanks Rouie!!!)

Flowers for me!! My favorite!!!

Me and Jacob :)

Happiness With a Side of Struggles

Well, I'm coming to the close of my 3rd week back at school. I've had some low points, but I've also had some great times as well. The last three weeks have been such an emotional roller coaster for me that I basically just feel like numb now.
The closest thing I can relate my experience this year so far to is white-water rafting. When you're on the river, there are some beautiful moments. The water is calm and you feel so relaxed....but when you least expect it, the water speeds up and gets all crazy. Yeah, that explains everything pretty well. Its been very rough for me, I'm not gonna lie. I'm just not like a lot of the girls I live with. They have some VERY different interests than I do. We have different personalities, life styles, and things like that which makes it more difficult to make close friends. Luckily, I still have Whitney, Stevie, Ashley, and Chris or else I'd be in BIG trouble. Its just hard because I felt SO comfortable last year and made tons of friends very quickly....but its the very opposite this year. My expectations were higher, I guess, and maybe that's why I've been struggling so much. I battle with loneliness daily and I feel homesick ALL THE TIME, especially not knowing exactly how Emmy is doing all the time. I dunno, its just very hard for me. I feel like I'm in a pretty fragile state.
Ok, enough of the pity party. No more complaining. There are some really great things this year! I take alot of my stress out in my AMAZING aerobics class. I love it SO much!!! I can just work all my stress out and I come out of that class feeling regeneraded, ready to take on the world. Another thing I like alot this year is my ward. I love my bishopric and their wives so so SO much! I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their love and influence. They are so amazing. I also really like my classes. I am taking a Dance in Culture class and I think it is such a blast! It makes me miss dancing more than anything, but it just motivates me to get back in shape and to maybe take a dance class next semester.
My number one favorite thing about being back though is without a doubt my institute class. When I'm in that class, I feel better than anywhere else in this city. I just automatically feel happy and I honestly feel like I am meant to be in that class, and that's really weird for me cuz I've never felt that way about stuff like that. I was struggling with why I'm even back here, what with my classes all being cut and such, but I honestly believe that I'm here for institute this year. Awesome, right?!
Well, I'll try to keep everyone updated better. I don't really every know what to write on here, but whatever. Its MY blog, I'll write whatever I want. :)

Peace out, home slice!

Back at College

Well, I'm back for another year at Eastern Utah. Its very interesting coming back to see only a few faces that you recognize. Hmmm...I haven't decided if I necessarily like it or not yet. Lol, I guess I'll get used to it soon enough. Its just terribly weird to adapt to more than half of your entire school being new. I guess that is what happens in small town small schools, huh? Meh, oh well. I can deal. I guess that hardest thing about coming back is my best friend in the entire world decided that he just wants to work for a year and so he didn't come to school with me. On top of that, my two best girlfriends are in a completely different dorm on the other side of campus. Bummer. So, its kinda lonely. But I'm meeting tons of new people and making some friends. So, its not totally depressing. :) I'm taking somewhat easy classes this semester and will finish up my degree in April. Yay!

Tending to the Rose Bush

One of my assignments at home is to tend to the rose bushes. I was cutting off the dead heads today and was thinking to myself how much tending to a rose bush is like life. A rose cannot begin to bloom or even grow if there is a dead head above it. I thought about how life is kinda the same way. You cannot grow as a person or even "bloom" until all the junk is removed.
Lol, I dunno if that makes any sense, but that just what I was thinking about.

New Contacts!

Yay! Now I'm really a grown up, lol. I just got my first pair of contacts today. I feel like I look totally different. Meh, oh well. I'll post a picture eventually, if I ever get around to it. It was a pretty neat experience. When I was being trained on how to put them inside my eye, I was told how difficult it is to put them in your eye for the first time. HA! I put those suckers in on the first try, no complications. However, I could not get them out of my eye. I felt like such an idiot. Ugh, oh well. Practice makes perfect, right?

Trying something new...

Well, I guess I've had enough people complain to me that I don't have a blog. So, I'm gonna try it and see how I like it and whatnot....even though I really have no clue what to put on it. Lol, I guess that it'll be a fun experiment. And, hey, if it doesn't work out, I can always just delete it! Yippee!