Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hola blogger buds. So, today is my birthday. I realized, "Wow, I'm old! What have I been doing with my life?" Then it occurred to me that there has been LOTS that's happened in the last 19 years. So no worries.
Anyways, here's a good story. So, on Friday morning, I was convinced I was going to be alone this weekend because my roommate went home, one of my good friends went to his girlfriend's house this weekend, and my other besties were just busy this weekend. So, I was kinda freaking out because who wants to spend the weekend of their birthday alone?! Nobody! Well, my besties Stevie knew I was a little down and so she took me out shopping (cuz that always cheers me up.) Anyways, so after shopping, Whitney and Stevie both took me to Winger's for dinner and then we went to their apartment to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic". In the middle of the movie, Stevie made the comment that she wanted me to give her a massage. I was totally down with that. But then she asked if we could go back to my building to pick up some lotions and oils. So, we headed back to my dorm. When I opened my door, I gasped! My room was completely decorated in birthday decorations! Balloons all over the floor, streamers hanging from the ceiling, confetti all over my bed, etc. At first, I figured that the RAs must have done it because nobody else would have a key to my locked room. It was just then when I noticed a bouquet of carnations, my favorite flower, on my pillow. I merely glanced at the card and realized, "This is Jacob's hand writing!" Then, I turned around and BAM! There he was!!! He went literally 100 miles out of his way to make my birthday special! I was touched!
We spent the rest of that evening together. We watched "Shall We Dance" and when the movie was over, we actually slow danced together ourselves. It was, needless to say, a tender moment. :) Saturday was amazing as well. Jacob and I hung out most of the day and then he took me up to Wood Hill for a drive and just to talk and have fun. When we got back to my building, there was a surprise party waiting for me! Ah, it was so awesome!!!
Its been such a great weekend because of Jacob. I feel so blessed to have a great friend like him! Nobody has ever done so much for me for my birthday. Yay!!
My room all decorated and festive

My yummy birthday cake! (Thanks Rouie!!!)

Flowers for me!! My favorite!!!

Me and Jacob :)