Mary Kay: Awesome or Awful???

I received a call a little over a month ago informing me that I won a drawing through David's Bridal. I was so excited! SO many things ran through my mind about what I won: a gift certificate, a massage, something amazing!!! When the caller finally got to the part about telling me what I had one, she told me I won a facial and a day of pampering! Not only that, but I could bring up to 4 friends and I won a $25-$50 certificate. When I asked what the money could be used for, she said "Mary Kay." I thought "Ok, whatever. No big." So, we scheduled our appointment and whatnot.
So, I drove back up to Salt Lake with two of my friends to this appointment. We got there and had no idea where to go. So, I called the consultant, but she didn't answer her phone. Finally, we figured out where to go. We then had about 4 different ladies asking us what we were doing there and who we were waiting for. We told them the consultant's name and they had no idea where she was. After 25 minutes of waiting for this lady that clearly wasn't going to show up, another woman came in and said "I have an appointment with another lady, but you are welcome to join us." We didn't want to show and get nothing out of it, so we decided to stay. OH MY GOSH. We spent the next 2 1/2 hours listening to this poor woman talking about a million different products and trying to convince us we were unhealthy and ugly without them. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I didn't know that the "facial" I had won was talking and sampling various cleansers and lotions for your face. And what happened to my DAY of pampering? And my $25?!
Therefore, I came to this conclusion: Mary Kay is evil and David's Bridal is dumb for supporting them. I don't really care how great they say their products are or if they are even any good because it was just a completely awkward mess and I didn't receive what I was told I won. I know I'm being a brat, but hey! I have no problem sticking with what I already use! They, at least, haven't let me down yet!!!
Here's Kami, me, and Cami trying to keep a happy face on during this boring lecture.