Life Goes On

Well, after about 4 months of being together, Matt and I have broken up. We've been through a lot together and its been a bumpy ride, but it was decided that this was for the best. Normally, I am torn to shreds when I go through a break up. Normally, I can hardly function. But I'm already pretty much over it. I know that this is for the best and that I can get over it. I truly believe that phrase "the wrong one is the right one to lead you to the best one." Don't get me wrong, Matt is an amazing guy! He's taught me so much and I truly care for him. But he's not the one for me and I'm not the one for him. There's someone else out there better suited for the both of us and therefore, there is just no point in moping over something that just didn't work out. I had some great experiences with him and have some amazing memories shared with him, but its time to move on and time for a change. And for probably the first time in a long time, I'm completely okay with that.

Oh Life

Whoa. Its been a while. But you know what? Life is good. I wouldn't say REALLY good, but its good. Here's why:
  • The weather outside this week has been awesome. So beautiful and clear and warm! 
  • My boyfriend is amazing! He keeps me grounded and is teaching me how to be a better person. He is the glaze to my donut and I am so thankful for him!
  • School is almost out! Lucky for me, I have no finals this semester! :)
  • I just got paid, which brings me to: I am so thankful for my job and the people I work with. They're all so great and make work entertaining.
  • I got to spend last weekend with my niece. Need I even say more? I adore that little girl SO much!!!
  • I made some killer cilantro lime shrimp last week. It was the first time I made shrimp and I was so thrilled that it was a success. Click here for more details and a recipe.
  • Relay for Life is on Friday! We didn't actually make it to our goal (because many team members got lazy and decided not to fundraise whatsoever) but we raised over $800, which is a great accomplishment in my eyes! 
Yeah, I think that about covers it. Life is good. I'm a happy girl today. (: