Just an Update

Blah blah blah.

I wish I had something more interesting to say but that is the best thing I could think of to open this post. My life is just so chaotic that I'm not sure even I can keep up with it!

The week before Thanksgiving break was fun. I went on a group date with Steve. We went to Kneaders for dinner and then went to the DI where we all split up into boys and girls and picked out outfits for our dates. Seriously, SO fun! After that, we went back to our apartments to grab some warmer clothes and some extra people. We then went to Old Main hill come the USU campus and went sledding for a while. Oh, and we built a snowman and then had hot chocolate. Super fun night! Oh, the night before that, Kami, Jessiqa (yes, that is how she spells her name), Amber, Morgan, and myself all went to the midnight premier of "Breaking Dawn". Oh my goodness, we had SO much fun!!! Waiting in line was a blast! We played Tourettes and CatchPhrase and laughed our booties off! As for the film, personally, I loved it. There were some really cheesy parts, but I thought it was very well done and by far the best of all the previous Twilight movies so far. The day after Thanksgiving, I went to see it was my cousins Mandy and Aubree and my sisters Kristi and Kelly. I actually liked it even more the second time. I dunno why, I just really love the Twilight Saga.

Thanksgiving was pretty good this year. It was the first time I ever saw my niece and nephew in the same day, even though the two still have never met each other. The food was delicious, as usual, and there was tons of it! We didn't have as many pies as usual, but there was still like 12 different types. My frozen peppermint cheesecake got second place this year, while Emmy's strawberry citrus cream pie rightfully won first. Mmm, it was SO good! I'm salivating just thinking about it! The break was good though and much needed. I was able to space myself away from some specific people that I needed to withdraw myself from and think about my life.

I have been given the opportunity to go back down to Price to finish out the rest of my schooling in two years guaranteed. I have the option of being placed in any agency of my choosing down there for my practicum (that's just a fancy word for internship). My other option is to simply stay here in Logan, where I'm not guaranteed a spot next year, but I am guaranteed a job, which is lacking in Price. I have no idea what to do. There are so many pros and cons for both options. Some days I feel good about going back to Price and other days I don't. I just feel like something is missing, like I am forgetting about a key element, but I cannot think of what it could be. Oh well, a lot can happen in 5 months. Who knows where I will be?


Public Display of Affection. PDA. Those 3 letters alone make me cringe, like seriously.

Dear people of this world who participate in CONSTANT PDA:
Freaking stop it! 

I know I've written about my loathing for PDA before, but things don't change much apparently. But seriously, there are few things in this world that make me more uncomfortable than PDA. I'd rather lick the bottom of my shoe or eat an earthworm than have to endure a couple making out with each other.

In my opinion, when a couple can't keep their hands off each other, they are saying "I don't care about anyone else. All I care about are my hormones." Its rude, its disgusting, and it makes many, many people uneasy. Sure, there are some things that are perfectly fine, like holding hands or a hug. But its when you see these two constantly all over each other, barforama. To me, that's just proving that you don't really love the other person, you love their body. People, there is a time and place for everything. Keep your nasty hormones for a time and place where nobody else has to see it. Its a repellent. Just sayin.

Plus, if you are so touchy in public, everyone assumes what else goes on in private.


There comes a time in your life when you just have to take a step back and re-evaluate your life. You have to question yourself; are you the person you want to be or working towards becoming so? What really matters to you? What are you willing to fight for? Who matters and who doesn't? Where are you going?

I have really taken a step back the past week or so and realized a couple of things about myself. Because this is my blog and I live in America and have freedom of speech, I am going to tell you what I have learned about myself.

  • I really care alot about people. Probably more than need-be. I genuinely care about others' welfare and happiness. If I feel like I can contribute to making their day a little brighter, I try to take that opportunity, mostly just secretly though. 
  • Piggy-backing the previous, I do not like disliking people. If I feel like I am starting to dislike someone, I feel like the way to cure that is to get to know that person better. You can't dislike someone that you understand.
  • I can be a very powerful influence for good. I have to potential to teach others and help them make good and righteous decisions if they so choose to confide in me. 
  • I am WAY too loud for my own good. I laugh loud, I talk loud, I sing loud, I whisper loud....I need to definitely be more still and need to turn on the "gentle" switch on my vocal chords. 
  • I truly love helping others. I feel so important when others feel like they can confide in me and are able to lean on me for anything. I dunno if it's selfish or not, but I would rather deal with other people's issues (or rather help them through their issues) than deal with my own. I tend to get consumed in my own problems when I'm not helping someone else. 
  • I need to be more organized. The last month or so, I have just left my stuff all over my apartment and had a messy bedroom, etc. I tend to get that way when I'm stressed, which is ironic because I feel so much more at peace when everything is in it's place. 
  • I love cooking. So much. Probably because I like eating. And I like being able to control what I eat. 
  • I adore my family. I stink at letting them know how much I love them, but I seriously would be so incredibly lost without them and their support. They mean everything to me. 
  • The Lord loves me. He is mindful of me and my afflictions and the yearnings of my soul. I really need to focus more on Him and serve Him better. Hopefully by my new efforts in helping others I can find a way to bring others closer to Him as well.
  • I find PDA (public display of affection) revolting. Barf-a-rama! Go find a freaking room!
  • My roommates are so amazing! I love Morgan and Kami and Amber SO much! The Lord clearly knew what He was doing when He put us together.
  • I can let go and still be okay.