Regarding My Last Post

I realize that with my last post, I have offended friends, family, and my readers. Please know that this was never my intention. I apologize for my delivery and for hurting your feelings, but I cannot apologize for the way I feel. I have had a handful of people very angrily send me emails and other messages telling me how wrong they think I am and telling me that my feeling this way will eventual lead to me falling away from the LDS church. With that, let me make this very clear. Over the last year, I almost left the church completely for matters completely irrelevant to this post. Realizing how much the church actually meant to me, I decided to come back and have tried to do so with full force and much vigor. For the last few months, I have done everything I possibly can to strengthen my faith and to better my relationship with God. I read at least one chapter from the Book of Mormon everyday and listen to a conference talk every night before I go to sleep. The more I jump into the gospel, the more I have a burning desire to help people, which is exactly why I wrote my last post.
I feel like the LGBT community should have the same rights as everyone else. Simple as that. I do not condone the lifestyle and I admit that its uncomfortable for me at times to witness and to talk about. HOWEVER, they are still human beings, they still are Americans, and they still have their free agency. If that it their lifestyle of choice, it is completely THIER choice to make and they should have the RIGHT to make that choice. For anyone to tell me that I am going to fall away from the church because I believe in RIGHTS is wrong. My opinion of this matter has nothing to do with the church, nor does it effect my faith and loyalty. It's very hurtful for someone to think they are above me enough to tell me that I am harming myself by trying to do as we are taught and to help others.
And this is where I drop the topic. I will not be posting anything else regarding politics on this blog. Again, my apologizes go out to those I may have hurt. I never meant to hurt anyone, but rather defend those who were already hurting.

BSA Ban on Gays

Let me start out by saying this: no, I am not a lesbian, nor am I bisexual. I am 100% heterosexual. I like men and I like them a lot. I do not have any close family members who are homosexual. I do not have any close friends who are homosexual. I don't have anyone close to me that is homosexual. With that in mind, I want you as my reader to understand that nobody is putting me up to this and that I am writing this post on my own freewill and I personally feel inclined to do so.

I think our country is getting absolutely ridiculous. I honestly feel as though we are back to the 1960s. Someone, please explain to me how the two pictures I have included in this post are different from each other. I feel like this has gone far enough and I refuse to sit by another second and not let my voice be heard.

If you have not be informed of the recent BSA ban on gays, here's the link.

Honestly, I can understand the other side of the matter, of why some people would feel that this action is okay and appropriate. But to me, that does NOT make it okay in my eyes.

A lot of people are saying things like "Good on the BSA for stinking up for their values" and "Now my son is safe from pedophiles". Ok, wow. First of all, your son isn't any safer than he was before. Fact: Homosexuality rarely plays a role in pedophiles. Secondly, if you have a "value" to not associate with someone because of their sexual orientation or you aren't going to allow someone into a nationwide club because they are gay, I hope you realize that your so called "value" is hurting millions of people. What a great value to have, I hope you're proud of yourself. Now, I'm not saying that you should go out of your way to invite them into your tight knit communities or even like them, but to discriminate like this is wrong. And it is indeed discrimination, hands down. If the Boy Scouts of America really think homosexuals are such a big problem, I would think that their course of action would be to try and teach these boys to be good people, not send them the message that they aren't good enough to be a part of something. I never heard of a program that was above teaching someone life skills until now and it indeed is appalling to me. I think James Morrison Jr said it best: "The Boy Scouts of America should belong to al our country's young men regardless to their race, orientation, or religion."

As for me, if the BSA don't lift this ban, I will never allow my sons to be apart of this program and taught to discriminate against someone because that is exactly what this action is teaching all scouts. If I had been a scout and received my eagle, I would follow this man's lead and turn in my eagle award. Shame on you, BSA. I now have very little respect for the BSA program.

People are people, regardless to what they believe. You are no better than someone else because of your values. Seriously, just let people believe what they want to believe and MOVE ON! Stop the hatred! Stop the hate crimes! Stop the intolerance of letting someone be entitled to love who they want to love! Focus on yourself and stop worrying about what other people believe! Your beliefs do not make you a better person, but your actions do.

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, a prince asked a beautiful princess a very important question. 
"Princess, will you marry me?"
The princess, flattered with his venerability, smiled but replied "No."
The prince fled from the princess with his pride broken...and his heart.
However, the princess lived happily ever after and traveled around the world and met interesting people and learned new stuff and she hooked up with lots and lots of cute boys and nobody thought she was a slut or a floozie. 
She always put herself first and went to rock concerts and girls nights and nobody ever told her
"Go make me a sandwich!"
and she kept her apartment and her last name and all of her shoes and never got cheated on or lied to.
All of her family and friends thought she was freaking awesome and cool and fun.
She made tons of money 
and the toilet seat was always down, like it's supposed to be.

The End