Regarding My Last Post

I realize that with my last post, I have offended friends, family, and my readers. Please know that this was never my intention. I apologize for my delivery and for hurting your feelings, but I cannot apologize for the way I feel. I have had a handful of people very angrily send me emails and other messages telling me how wrong they think I am and telling me that my feeling this way will eventual lead to me falling away from the LDS church. With that, let me make this very clear. Over the last year, I almost left the church completely for matters completely irrelevant to this post. Realizing how much the church actually meant to me, I decided to come back and have tried to do so with full force and much vigor. For the last few months, I have done everything I possibly can to strengthen my faith and to better my relationship with God. I read at least one chapter from the Book of Mormon everyday and listen to a conference talk every night before I go to sleep. The more I jump into the gospel, the more I have a burning desire to help people, which is exactly why I wrote my last post.
I feel like the LGBT community should have the same rights as everyone else. Simple as that. I do not condone the lifestyle and I admit that its uncomfortable for me at times to witness and to talk about. HOWEVER, they are still human beings, they still are Americans, and they still have their free agency. If that it their lifestyle of choice, it is completely THIER choice to make and they should have the RIGHT to make that choice. For anyone to tell me that I am going to fall away from the church because I believe in RIGHTS is wrong. My opinion of this matter has nothing to do with the church, nor does it effect my faith and loyalty. It's very hurtful for someone to think they are above me enough to tell me that I am harming myself by trying to do as we are taught and to help others.
And this is where I drop the topic. I will not be posting anything else regarding politics on this blog. Again, my apologizes go out to those I may have hurt. I never meant to hurt anyone, but rather defend those who were already hurting.