*Make A Wish*

Last Tuesday, my family was blessed enough to be invited to the Make A Wish facility. When a cancer patient is well on their way to recovery, the Make A Wish foundation contacts them and ask them to list several different "wishes" that they'd like to be granted. With Emmy being in her maintenance stage of her chemo treatments, the Make A Wish foundation contacted her several months ago and had asked her to list several different "wishes" that she would like to be granted.
Anyways, now that the doctors have given her the "ok" to go back to school, Make A Wish invited her to visit their facility so they could present her with her Wish, unaware to which Wish she will be granted. Now, if you've never been to the Make A Wish facility, I strongly recommend going there sometime. This building is unlike any other. Half of the building is shaped like a castle tower, while the other half is a regular building, complete with a huge garden surrounding it.
When we got to the facility, we were given a tour of this amazing building. After a while, we were all invited into the Wishing Tower. This room was cylinder-shaped with white walls. In the center of the room was a waterfall. The floor were clear tiles with color-changing lights that shined up through them, giving the walls color. It was just magical. Before we entered this room, we all wrote down a wish we had for Emmy and her life. Once inside, we all read our wishes to her and let me tell you, this was a pretty emotional event for us. The feeling of love in that room was thick enough to cut with a knife! It was just so amazing. Anyways, they presented her with her Wish: She and my family will be spending a week the first week in May down in Orlando, Florida. Its a super exciting event for our family because we never have gone on a vacation like this before. (Well, I should probably mention that any siblings older than 18 have to pay their own way. Therefore, not all of us will be going. But thats ok and it's still super exciting!!!

This is Me, Emmy, Jessica, and Danny at the Make A Wish sign.

Family picture around Emmy's star which reads "Welcome to the Wishing Place Emily!"

The ceiling in the main hallway of the facility had many, many glass stars hanging from it. Each star represents a wish that was granted to a child.