My Little Friend

This is what happens when I am really tired and really bored at the dinosaur museum....

Family is Really the Only Thing That Matters

Me and my sisters

You know, life is crazy. It changes ALL THE TIME. As soon as you are comfortable, it throws something totally random at you, keeping you on your toes. I keep realizing over and over and over the same thing. Friends are fickle, but family is forever. I cannot tell you how many close friends aren't that close to me anymore or how many times people have let me down (or how many times I've unintentionally let a friend down.) But no many how many times you let your family down, they still hold their arms wide open for you. You can always go home. Even though you aren't perfect or may be a little hardheaded and stubborn or can be annoying, they will love you no matter what, no matter how many mistakes you make. This just keeps becoming more and more apparent to me as I get older and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to actually see it. So, I just want to let my family know, immediate AND extended, how truly thankful I am for you guys. You all are the reason I get up in the morning! THANK YOU for your love!!!