So Far, So Good

Wow, yeah. Its been a while. Sorry about that. Life has been crazy since I got here. I've been kept busy. Now to update you on all the wonderful things I've done since I got here a month ago....hmmm....
Let me start off by telling you about where I'm working and what I do with the majority of my time here. I am working as an administrative assistant for Grubb & Ellis Property Management. I work under three (well, actually only 2) ladies specifically and I love them to death! One of them is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met and she really likes pickles. (Haha, inside joke.) The other lady is SO funny. She's basically psycho and is alot like how I probably will end up when I'm her age. She's so random and out there, always smiling. And the third is this amazing woman. She can be intimidating, but she's such a good person. Love ya, J. Anyways, I work on the top story of a building in The Woodlands. It has a beautiful view also. I could spend my entire 8 hours at work just looking out the window. There are alot of trees and its pretty flat, makes me miss the mountains. But for the most part, I am SO thankful for the experience I'm having working for this company. I really love what I'm doing and the people I get to interact with.

This is the sign on the wall right above my desk

This is the painting my desk faces. Very interesting. I think its fish. L thinks its a bra...

The Waterway view from L's office

That's the building I'm working at :) So pretty!

This is down at the entrance of the building. There are a ton of fish and about 8 turtles that live inside the pond.

Aside from work, life is going pretty dang good!

Me, chillin' poolside :)

Leftovers from one of the two crawfish boils J had at her home. LOTS of crawfish
(PS: Crawfish and Crawdads are the same thing.)

Me, B, and J on the night we went club hoppin'.