I Just Love This!...and my Mom!

I don't remember if I posted this already or not but I think its good enough to be reposted.
My siblings and I made a cute little video for our mom on Mother's Day.

The Tattooed Mormon

I stumbled upon this video today. I'm not sure exactly what it was that struck me so much, but I was touched deeply by this woman and her words. What an amazing woman she is and her conversion story into the Mormon church is quite capturing. You can just tell in her eyes that she believes what she is saying and she is so sincere. I hope that I can one day attend one of her speeches and listen to her in person. I think that would be such an amazing experience. Without further adieu, I give you Al Fox, the Tattooed Mormon.

Summer Thus Far

Wow, I guess its been a while since I've posted anything on here. I apologize for that.

I can't believe we're already half way through the summer! Its going by so fast! Luckily I have been kept pretty busy in the mean time. I was able to go on an amazing river rafting trip in Moab back in May. I have a new nephew as of July 3rd. I am going up to Yellowstone this weekend and then am going to Vegas in August for a few days. Between my trips, I've been pretty busy though. I work full-time and am going to school full-time, despite it being the summer semester, which means that I will FINALLY graduate in May with my bachelor's.

Other than that, life is actually pretty boring for me. I don't really hang out with friends much lately, not because there is anything wrong with them! They're either doing something I don't care to participate in or my ex is there. But nonetheless, I do enjoy my limited time with them. Its been fun the last few months to see ALL of my best friends fall in love. Its so crazy! Except for one bestie who is moving away shortly, every single one of my best friends is now involved in a serious relationship and I could not be happier for each of them! :)