Back at College

Well, I'm back for another year at Eastern Utah. Its very interesting coming back to see only a few faces that you recognize. Hmmm...I haven't decided if I necessarily like it or not yet. Lol, I guess I'll get used to it soon enough. Its just terribly weird to adapt to more than half of your entire school being new. I guess that is what happens in small town small schools, huh? Meh, oh well. I can deal. I guess that hardest thing about coming back is my best friend in the entire world decided that he just wants to work for a year and so he didn't come to school with me. On top of that, my two best girlfriends are in a completely different dorm on the other side of campus. Bummer. So, its kinda lonely. But I'm meeting tons of new people and making some friends. So, its not totally depressing. :) I'm taking somewhat easy classes this semester and will finish up my degree in April. Yay!