New Blog

Hey everyone! Just letting you know that aside from this blog, I have started another blog. The other blog will consist of random things I cook and am proud of, or things that I think the rest of the world should experience and cook for themselves. I am seriously falling madly in love with cooking!!! Therefore, I created another blog dedicated just to cooking! So, here's the link to my other blog. Enjoy! Bon appetite!


I recently have been struggling alot recently because I feel like one of my best friends has been pushing me away. That obviously really bothers me because he means so much to me and I truly value him as a friend and the role he plays in my life. But I also need to remember that people come and go from our lives and sometimes you just have to let go.
Well this is never easy for me, especially when i feel like I still need that person. So I've been really bothered because I feel like I have been losing him....until I looked at it a different way. This is going to prove to you how big of a brat I am but this new perspective I have makes me feel better about things. So here's my new perspective on the situation: I'm not losing him, he's losing me. He's the one pushing me away, this is all his choice regardless to what I try to do to repair it.
And that reminds me that attitude is everything. So is perspective.


I'm consumed. No words can express the loneliness I feel in my heart. When once I was surrounded by those I love dearly and who I knew loved me now stands acquaintances and friends I am getting to know better. But there are those I miss so dearly that my heart just feels so defeated.
I don't get close to people very easily. When I feel like I'm getting too close to someone, I run away. That's just how I've always been. Nevertheless, I've always had at least one person that I knew I could rely on, someone I felt close to, that I could tell anything to. Unfortunately, I don't even feel like I have one person. I felt like I had one for a while, but that person has pushed me away and changed in a way that I don't even know who they are anymore. This makes me question myself and wonder if I even know who I myself am. Who am I?!
I feel so alone. I sit in large crowds most of the time, but feel so ignored and unnoticed. It shouldn't matter, I should be able to be enough for myself. I shouldn't need anyone else. Oh, but how I ache for a friend, a TRUE friend. I feel like I can trust nobody though. Not even myself.
I screw everything up. I ruin everything. I don't know how to change. I'm lost.
Who am I?


I never had a blue blog before and I found this background and thought it was cute. Plus, blue is the color the represents relaxation and renewal, which is exactly what I'm trying to focus on with my life. Yeah, I don't have anything to say other than that. Sorry. I'm a loserface ;)