Happiness With a Side of Struggles

Well, I'm coming to the close of my 3rd week back at school. I've had some low points, but I've also had some great times as well. The last three weeks have been such an emotional roller coaster for me that I basically just feel like numb now.
The closest thing I can relate my experience this year so far to is white-water rafting. When you're on the river, there are some beautiful moments. The water is calm and you feel so relaxed....but when you least expect it, the water speeds up and gets all crazy. Yeah, that explains everything pretty well. Its been very rough for me, I'm not gonna lie. I'm just not like a lot of the girls I live with. They have some VERY different interests than I do. We have different personalities, life styles, and things like that which makes it more difficult to make close friends. Luckily, I still have Whitney, Stevie, Ashley, and Chris or else I'd be in BIG trouble. Its just hard because I felt SO comfortable last year and made tons of friends very quickly....but its the very opposite this year. My expectations were higher, I guess, and maybe that's why I've been struggling so much. I battle with loneliness daily and I feel homesick ALL THE TIME, especially not knowing exactly how Emmy is doing all the time. I dunno, its just very hard for me. I feel like I'm in a pretty fragile state.
Ok, enough of the pity party. No more complaining. There are some really great things this year! I take alot of my stress out in my AMAZING aerobics class. I love it SO much!!! I can just work all my stress out and I come out of that class feeling regeneraded, ready to take on the world. Another thing I like alot this year is my ward. I love my bishopric and their wives so so SO much! I wouldn't be who I am today without them and their love and influence. They are so amazing. I also really like my classes. I am taking a Dance in Culture class and I think it is such a blast! It makes me miss dancing more than anything, but it just motivates me to get back in shape and to maybe take a dance class next semester.
My number one favorite thing about being back though is without a doubt my institute class. When I'm in that class, I feel better than anywhere else in this city. I just automatically feel happy and I honestly feel like I am meant to be in that class, and that's really weird for me cuz I've never felt that way about stuff like that. I was struggling with why I'm even back here, what with my classes all being cut and such, but I honestly believe that I'm here for institute this year. Awesome, right?!
Well, I'll try to keep everyone updated better. I don't really every know what to write on here, but whatever. Its MY blog, I'll write whatever I want. :)

Peace out, home slice!