Dear People: Round Two

*Should you have been so unfortunately as to miss round one, click here.

Dear Wilson:
Again?! Really?! Dang Wil, you give me whiplash with your indecisiveness. Pick one already: show your face or hide it!
Warningly, Tim Taylor

You're actually kinda boring. NEXT!
Done, Miss Piggy

Dear Rug:
Its been fun. Time for me to go my own way though. After some time, I am sure we will be able to be besties again! :)
Sincerely, Passageway

Dear Toothless:
Tell you what. I'll feed you fish if you DON'T sing! That was a one-time-thing.
Annoyed, Hiccup

Dear Aladdin:
I secretly love it when you go shirtless, even though I pretend to be grossed out. You're pretty smoking when you play ball. And you give like the best hugs ever! If only you were older and not about to take a really long carpet ride....
Adoringly, Jasmine

Dear Alfalfa:
What happened to you? Ever since that rock, you're hygiene skills appear to have vanished. You look like you smell horrible. I'm steering clear so I don't have to take a whiff. But I am glad you make Darla so happy! :)
Cautiously, Darla's friend

Dear Lobster:
I am so 'cited we're friends! You've come to mean more to me than I let on. Can't wait for summer!
Love, Goose

Dear Girl With a Boy Name:
Get out of my apartment! I'm serious. You honestly just bring the worst parts of me out. Not just me, but my roommate too. So, its probably best that you don't come back.
I mean it!, Allie