Ten Minutes with Ali

30 Day Photo Challenge = complete! Now what to do with my blog....

So, I'm sitting at my table, listening to Ali just talk. She is one of the funniest girls I know. So, I figure as she talks, I'm just gonna sit here and document some funny things that she says. They might not make any sense to you, but they were enough to get me to laugh out loud and I found them good enough to add to my blog.

"I can't get my cookie out."
"Surprise, I am a thief."
Amy: "What would you do if you caught your husband stealing?" Ali: "I'd kiss him."
"Don't you just love the banjo?"
Me: "I won't stay long. Boys stink." Ali: "Not when they take showers!"

Sadly, this was only in a ten minute time span because I had to leave the room. But still, funny girl, that Ali.