Dear People: Round Three

If you didn't get to see the previous 2 posts I already did of this, here they are:
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You'll probably be way confused if you don't click on one for an explanation....just saying.

Dear Wilson:
Even though I still think you're really weird, I'm lucky to have you as my neighbor. I'm growing rather fond of you.
Admirably, Tim Taylor

Dear Kermit:
Yep, still mine. 
Love, Piggy

Dear Ghost:
Who ARE you?! Please stop freaking me out and act like a normal human being instead of randomly popping up and being all weird and stuff. I can't think of anything positive to say
Sincerely, the resident

Dear Luke:
No. I am not your father. Nor your mother. Nor your twin sister. Nor your maid!
Love, Allie

Dear Toothless:
Mybad for being so grumpy. How about I'll give you some fish and we'll call it even. Yes?
Honestly, Hiccup

Dear Father Time:
I kinda think you're a creepy stalker person, but I'm glad you aint stalking me. Still, you're kind of a creeper. But I can tell you do it cuz you're lonely. Maybe we should become better friends. After all, we've known each other for quite a while now...
How about it?, Mother Earth

Dear Otter:
You're adorable. You're attractive. You know me like nobody else does. Don't you know that you can have me if you'd only but ask? 
Yearning and hopeful, H20