5K Weekend

What an amazing weekend that just occurred! Saturday morning, I ran and completed a 5K! It wasn't like a big event or anything, but my stake puts on a 5K every year to encourage health and fitness and there is always a great turn out. I was really worried about doing it because I've been sick with a chest cold for the last two weeks and therefore haven't done ANYTHING physical for that amount of time. But I completed it and I was not the last one to finish! I'm not going to put my time on here though because I am kind of embarrassed but its a starting point and there is always room for improvement. I'm sure that when I do it again and am not sick and have been more consistent with my exercising that my time will be way better.
Later that day, I met up with Stevie, whom I haven't seen since November!, and we spend a few hours together for lunch and shopping at the mall. Oh my heck, I love that girl!
Sunday was great too! The Salt Lake Valley has a huge YSA activity and they had a fireside at the Tabernacle Sunday night with guest speaker Brad Wilcox. It was such a great fireside! Afterwards, they had refreshments (yeah, for like 3,000 people!) over at the Brigham Young Historic Park. And that is where I saw a bajillion friends! Friends from high school, friends from CEU, friends from Logan! It was fabulous!!! I miss all my friends!!! But seriously, seeing
all those people this weekend seriously like made my whole summer. Oh you guys, I love you so much!!! :) I hope you all are doing well!!!