As of Late

Sorry I haven't really written anything for a while. Its been a difficult last few weeks for me. But no worries, I won't get into any stupid details on here. I'll just let you know what nothingness I've been up to.

About three weeks ago, I was able to go to Price to hang out with my best
girlfriends, Stevie and Whitney. Oh man, I freaking LOVE those girls! We have such a blast with each other every time we get together and its always SO stinking hard to leave. We did lots of fun stuff. While Whitney went off and hung out with her man, Stevie and I went shopping. We grabbed some disk chairs and set them up in Walmart and sat in an isle for a good half hour just talking. Then we found water noodles and sword-fought with them. Ha! And then we left
church early on Sunday to walk around campus. We got to the fountain and I decided to dip my feet in, which turned into me standing in the fountain, which turned into my slipping and falling into the fountain. (See picture on left) It was seriously the funniest
thing that happened all weekend!

The weekend after that, I went up to Logan and hung out with Steve and my sister and brother-in-law. We went and saw Harry Potter with Lissa and John Summit. The next day was just super relaxing, just hanging out at Steve's apartment. That night, we met up with Kristi and John Baxter in Mantua for fireworks. They were so close, it was awesome!

Last weekend, I took my siblings Jessie, Erik,
Emmy, and Danny downtown Salt Lake Sunday night and we camped out for the Days of 47 parade. Wow, yeah, that was a looooong
night. The witnessed drunk men, fights, and a drug bust, to say the least. Oh man, interesting stuff. I'm pretty sure that I will never do that again. We didn't really go for the parade as much as we went to support Steve doing the Deseret Marathon. Wow, impressive! My siblings are such good sports!

This last Friday, I decided to go up to Logan at like 4:20pm. I got to Logan and went shopping for a while (cuz all my friends were busy at that time) and
then I went over and hung out for a few hours with John Stanworth. I hadn't seen him since school got out in the beginning of May and it was SO good to see him!!!! Then I went and stayed at Morgan's for the night. Oh, how I love that girl! The next day, agroup of us went up to Tony's Grove to go swimming and canoeing. So beautiful, so fun! After a few hours, we came home, showered, got cute (as in Morgan got cute, heehee) and we met up with Steve and John for dinner at Wingers. Afterwards, we hung out and watched a movie and music videos and enjoyed each other's company. Church was great on Sunday. I actually stayed for the whole block! Then Steve and John made us lunch/dinner. Yum yum! The drive home was interesting. John drove by me from Logan to Brigham City but he stopped for gas and I kept going and that's when the weather got really scary. It was raining so hard and I was terrified, but it all ended well and I got home safe. But oh man, I am SO ready to move back up to Logan and have a life again. Whoot, only a few weeks left! :)